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We are a modern fully equipped veterinary practice founded in 1988 in the city centre of Girona. Our goal is to take care of your furry family member in the most friendly and compassionate way while also providing the highest standard in veterinary medicine.

At Multifauna Girona we are much more than a veterinary clinic: we are a family. A family where love and passion is the centre of everything. Love for animals and people; passion for our work. We are always here to listen, help and advise you with everything you need.

More than 30 years of experience, fully equipped facilities and a highly trained veterinary team to provide the best care for your animal.

Meet our team, click here!

Our services

Preventive medicine

To keep your pet healthy and happy it is important to visit the vet for vaccinations and physical examinations. Preventive medicine will help your pet live a longer and better quality life. For more information, click here.

General Medicine

We can diagnose and treat diseases of internal organs and systems (renal, gastrointestinal, endocrine, metabolic, infectious, oncological, hematological, hepatic, respiratory, cardiac...) and problems of the locomotor system, skin, teeth , eyes and behavior.


At Clínica Veterinària Multifauna Girona we have a fully equipped operating theater to perform all kinds of surgeries, for more information clica aquí.


The eyes are small but very delicate organs. Contact us quickly if you see any anomalies. At Clínica Veterinària Multifauna Girona we take care of your furry friend whenever you need it. For more information click here.

Clinical Ethology

We can help you with behavioural problems or we can help you to prepare your pet for changes (being left alone at home, the arrival of another pet or a baby). For more information click here.

Cat Friendly Clinic

At Clínica Multifauna we are a cat-friendly clinic! For more information click here.

Diagnostic Imaging

At Clínica Veterinària Multifauna Girona we have a digital radiography and ultrasound service. If it is necessary to carry out an echocardiography or a specialized ultrasound, we will bring in an ultrasound specialist and in the event that your furry friend needs other imaging tests, such as CT scan or magnetic resonance imaging, we will contact an external service.


We have separate hospitalization facilities for dogs and cats to minimize stress. We try to make the animals feel at home when they have to stay with us. We don't have staff at the clinic during the night, but an assistant or vet will come to do checks if necessary. If your furry friend needs intensive care, we will refer them to a 24-hour veterinary hospital.


With the placement of the microchip and registration in the AIAC (Arxiu d'Identificació dels Animals de Companyia) the probabilities of finding your furry friend in case of loss increase. In addition, in Catalonia it is mandatory for all domestic animals to be identified with an approved microchip and registered in the municipal register.

At home visits

At Clínica Veterinària Multifauna we offer you the possibility of visiting your furry friend at home.

Travel certificates

We can issue a passport and/or health certificate to be able to travel with your pet.

The shop

Many times finding the best for the one you love the most is complicated... At Clínica veterinària Multifauna Girona we will always help you, listen to you and advise you to find what your furry friend needs. Food, accessories and more. Find out what you can find in the Multifauna store click here.

Dental Health

Oral hygiene is very important for overall well-being and is key to keeping your pet healthy. Whenever we visit your furry friend, we check their teeth and advise you on how to prevent or treat any problems they may have.


At Clínica Veterinària Multifauna Girona we have the means and knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of: bone fractures, diseases associated with growth, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture, dislocations, tendinitis, arthritis/arthrosis and fibrillar ruptures.


 At Clínica Veterinària Multifauna Girona we have our own laboratory to be able to quickly carry out the necessary diagnostic tests (either to carry out a routine check-up, an accurate diagnosis or follow-up of different pathologies).

Meet our clinic

Cat Friendly Clinic ®

At Clinica Multifauna we are cat friendly!

Due to the unique nature and needs of cats, taking your cat to a veterinary center can be very stressful for both the cat and its guardian. The Cat Friendly Clinic program is designed to help address these issues by creating cat-friendly veterinary clinics and thus reducing their stress by making it easier for carers to visit the veterinary centre.

We are modernizing the clinic's facilities to obtain the Cat Friendly Clinic certificate. For more information click here



Des de 1988, la nostra clínica veterinària ha estat ajudant als tutors/es amb els seus peluts tant en català com en espanyol. Des del 2022, ara també us podem ajudar en anglès, alemany o holandès si ho preferiu!

Since 2022, our veterinary clinic in Girona can also help you in English!

Seit 2022 unsere Tierklinik in Girona könt Ihnen auch auf Deutsch helfen!

Sinds 2022 kan onze dierenkliniek in Girona u ook in het Nederlands helpen!


What do our clients say about us?

Gemma GGemma G
10:34 02 May 24
10 i fins!
Ina CidIna Cid
19:12 22 Apr 24
Molt bon tracte amb els animals i les persones! Son molt macos i maques. No els hi poso mes estrelles perque no és pot🥰. Sempre l’encerten. I s’estan el temps que necesitas per entendre-ho tot bé.
kimi lopezkimi lopez
18:19 21 Apr 24
Amables i compromesos
Professionalitat i amabilitat.
Georgina OreroGeorgina Orero
12:56 26 Jan 24
Dels millors veterinaris de girona, un tracte super especial i amb moltes ganes de voler el millor per les meves mascotes. Molt recomenat!!
Yessi LLerenaYessi LLerena
05:17 12 Jan 24
Excel·lent servei
Marc JuvillàMarc Juvillà
17:36 24 Dec 23
Elma GibertElma Gibert
09:28 23 Nov 23
Agraïda per sempre més! Sou persones excepcionals, per això sou grans professionals. M’he sentit tan acompanyada …Mil gràcies Pep
Tina ATina A
18:21 16 Nov 23
La lluna seva fet una ferida al bosc, li han curat molt bé.Molt amable la veterinaria
Paula BagurPaula Bagur
11:27 12 Sep 22
Molt contenta. Les professionals molt agradables i donant tota la informació demanada, amb molt bones explicacions.Vaig anar-hi amb les meves dues gatetes per la primera visita i elles també es van sentir molt a gust. Gràcies!
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