Clinical Ethology

The goal of Veterinay Clinical Ethology  is to understand and treat the problematic behaviour of animals. When a dog or cat shows inappropriate behavior, it is necessary to try to know why it does so, in order to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis and treatment. It is important for a veterinarian to make this diagnosis, as medical factors play an important role in the behaviour and emotional state of animals.

The most common behavioural problems are aggression (towards other animals or people), anxiety disorders (separation anxiety, noise phobia...) and inappropriate elimination. We can help you when a behaviour problem arises, but we can also help you prepare your pet for the arrival of a new family member (a baby, another pet or a new partner) or for a change in their environment or routine.

The first behavioural visit lasts an hour and at the end we will provide you with behavioural modification techniques to do at home, and sometimes drug treatment or pheromones. On occasion,  it is necessary to carry out blood analyzes or other medical tests, especially in the case of needing long-term pharmacological treatment. In some cases we will advise you to work with a (dog) trainer.

Our vet Sophie is specialized in clinical ethology. After completing her degree in veterinary medicine, she completed a master's degree in clinical ethology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. If you have any behavioral problems or want to prevent problems, don't hesitate to make an appointment!

The vet who listens to you, helps you and advises you: Clínica Veterinària Multifauna Girona.

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