The eyes are in charge of vision, of transforming light stimuli into images. They are responsible for perceiving with images the environment that surrounds us. It works the same for your furry friend, thanks to these small but delicate organs, they can discover the world they live in. To guarantee a good quality of life for your furry friend, it is important to take care of his eyes. However, there are many animals with eye problems. In ophthalmology, it is very important to detect the problem from the beginning, since the signs of blindness are evident when there is already a loss of 80% of the visual capacity. Many of the diseases that affect the eyes can end up leading to irreversible blindness or even the loss of the eye. In order to avoid reaching these extremes, the rapid detection of the problem helps to carry out a more effective diagnosis and treatment.

Depending on the ophthalmological problem your furry friend presents, he may need medical treatment based on eye drops and ointments or surgery. At Clínica Veterinària Multifauna Girona we perform the following ophthalmological surgeries:

Entropy correction

Ectropion correction

Harder’s gland replacement

Removal of eyelid tumors

Repositioning of the eyeball

Enucleation of the eyeball

Eye diseases can present very similar symptoms to each other and many are serious and urgent.

For this reason, if you detect any changes in your furry friend’s eyes, it is important that you go to the vet quickly. In addition, we recommend that you put an Elizabethan collar on your fur until it is not possible for you to visit: this way, you will prevent further injury to the eye.

The eyes, small but delicate organs. Don’t let the days pass and contact us quickly if you see any anomalies. Our veterinarian Anna is specialized in ophthalmology, to diagnose more complicated eye problems we will recommend an appointment with her. If intraocular surgery is necessary, we will refer you to a veterinary hospital.

At Clínica Veterinària Multifauna Girona we take care of your fur whenever you need it.



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