Clínica Multifauna was founded in 1988 by Pep and Francesc. In 2022 Anna and Sophie joined the team with the aim of taking the clinic over when the older generation retires.


VETERINARIAN - Ophtalmologist
Anna has practically spent her entire life at the practice; she is Pep's daughter, and from a young age, she was already sure that she wanted to end up working as a veterinarian. She studied at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and later specialized in ophthalmology. After finishing her veterinary degree, she went abroad and worked in various small animal clinics before returning to the Multifauna clinic. During the hours she's not at the clinic, she can be found riding her horse or hiking


VETERINARIAN - Clinical ethologist
Since she was little, Sophie has always wanted to be a veterinarian. She studied at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where she also completed a master's degree in Clinical Ethology (behavioural medicine). After finishing her degree and master in 2010, she went abroad to work in small animal clinics in England and Switzerland, and in 2020 she returned to Catalonia with her human and furry family. In 2022, she joined the Multifauna team. When she's not at the clinic, she's out in nature


VETERINARIAN - Orthopaedics
Pep has over 40 years of experience and in 1988 he founded the veterinary practice together with Francesc. Throughout all these years, he has been treating farm animals as well as pets. He has a special interest in orthopaedic surgery, and when an animal has had an accident, he will be found in the operation theatre with Francesc. He spends his weekends with his family and his great passion: horses.


Francesc has over 40 years of experience, and in 1988, he founded the Multifauna veterinary clinic together with Pep. He began working with all kinds of animals, but upon founding the clinic, he focused solely on companion animals. He has a special interest in orthopaedics, and when a dog or cat arrives with a fracture or a tendon rupture, he can be found in the operating theatre with Pep.


Lur is the first person you will meet when you enter the clinic. She can advise you on store accessories and diets, and she will schedule appointments for visits or surgeries. She also helps with surgeries and hospitalizations, and she is very good at calming and comforting animals who don't like being handled. On weekends, you can see her walking around with her dog, Fito.